Study Coordinators’ Workshop

Clinical Research is a rewarding and exciting field with a highly active global oncology community contributing to frequent advances in our understanding of cancer biology and treatment. This high volume of research necessitates that Study Coordinators/Research Nurses develop knowledge and skills in research development and conduct.

The Study Coordinator workshop provides an interesting education program covering a wide range of topics presented by highly regarded experts in the field. There will be a session on effective poster creation, an educational session on GI related issues, translation of research into practice, and an update of where Australia is up to with regards site accreditation processes, to name a few.

A tour of the world class South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) facility and a presentation on translational research will follow.

In the evening there will be a Welcome Dinner with opportunity to network with senior AGITG members and ASM Invited Faculty.

A second joint session with Consumers during the ASM will cover topics such as quality of life and survivorship, exercise physiology, supportive care and patient adherence to study treatment.

These workshops present a fantastic opportunity to interact with leaders in their field, and Study Coordinators will return with a broader insight and appreciation into the world of research in oncology.