At Bristol Myers Squibb, we are inspired by a single vision-transforming patients’ lives through science. Over the last several decades, our innovative medicines have improved how cancer is treated, making long-term survival a possibility for more patients. Across a broad range of solid tumours and blood disorders, we strive to help more patients with our medicines, scientific discovery and investigational research.Our scientists are exploring new frontiers in the future of personalised medicine, and through new digital platforms, we are converting decades of research and data into insights that sharpen the focus of our work. The breadth of our portfolio, deep scientific expertise, cutting-edge capabilities, and discovery platforms allow us to look at cancer from every angle, targeting the cancer directly and the environment it lives in, and amplifying the body’s ability to fight disease. We are committed to reflecting diverse patient populations in our clinical trials, and are collaborating with partners across the healthcare landscape to increase the speed and efficiency of our research.

As a leader in cancer care, Bristol Myers Squibb is working to empower all people with cancer to have a better future.