professor peter gibbs

Professor Peter Gibbs University of Melbourne Australia

Peter Gibbs is Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His clinical work is as a medical oncologist, extensively involved in colorectal cancer clinical trials at the Royal Melbourne and Western Hospitals. He is lead investigator for multiple international phase III studies, including studies of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) in patients with liver dominant or liver only metastatic colorectal cancer.

Professor Gibbs is a laboratory head at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute where he leads a translational research program. Working with multiple clinical and laboratory collaborators his team are identifying and validating prognostic and predictive biomarkers. These include extensive studies of circulating tumor DNA as a cancer screening tool, as a marker of residual disease following curative intent cancer surgery, and as an early marker of treatment response in the adjuvant and advanced disease settings. Further studies are exploring the local and systemic immune response as a cancer biomarker. A key resource for much of the work is prospectively collected tissue samples and comprehensive treatment and outcome data from many thousands of patients with bowel cancer.


Professor Gibbs has over 150 publications in clinical and basic research and is a frequent speaker at international meetings.