Adj Prof Nik Zeps Northern Health Melbourne, Australia

Adjunct Professor Nik Zeps is an experienced Research Director with a demonstrated track record of leadership in clinical trials, biomarker discovery research, medical ethics and regulatory affairs. He is currently the Director of Research at Northern Health and the Director of Operations for the Cancer Registries program at Monash University. Nik is an Adjunct Professor through the Eastern Health Clinical School of Monash University and in the School of Public Health and Preventive medicine, and is Clinical Research lead for Monash Partners.


He has held leadership roles in National and International research programs including the NHMRC Research Committee and Australian Health Ethics Committee. In 2017 he was commissioned to co-write the current Australian Clinical Trials Handbook for the TGA and was awarded the NHMRC Ethics Prize in recognition of his contribution to human research ethics in Australia. Nik was a founding Director of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) and leads the rapid trial start up and teletrials initiatives.