Integrated Oncology Workshop
10:00am – 5:30pm

This workshop represents a dynamic collaboration among medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and translational researchers.

It is structured into two distinct sections:

1. Practical trial design workshop

How does a trial concept progress from the back of an envelope to successful completion? What support is required for a successful AGITG trial? What are some innovative secondary endpoints we can add to a trial concept without “breaking the bank”?

This two-session workshop will cover the AGITG approval process, garnering institutional and financial support for your trial concept, and the ways to add value to your next trial concept. This workshop will be presented by leaders in their field who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing a “smart trial”. It will be of interest not only to early career researchers, but anyone involved in the planning and execution of a trial, to maximise the impact it will have on the GI cancer community.

2. MDT Workshop

This immersive workshop offers comprehensive and valuable insights into Upper and Lower GI. With the invited faculty on the panel, the discussion will be enriched with both international and national perspectives.