AGITG Outstanding Site Award

Sites participating in clinical trials play a crucial role in their conduct and delivery. We rely on the expertise, patient engagement and commitment of the site staff to promote our research and recruit effectively, to ensure we can improve outcomes for patients with GI cancer.

The Outstanding Site Award is awarded each year to recognise a clinical trial site that has shown exceptional enthusiasm, performance and dedication to conducting AGITG trials.

Clinical trial sites actively involved in AGITG Studies are invited to submit an application of 500 words or less explaining why your site should receive the prestigious AGITG Outstanding Site Award.

Sites will be judged on a number of criteria including but not restricted to:

  • Level of Enthusiasm across the whole Team,
  • Willingness to participate in a wide range of AGITG Studies,
  • Quality of the work produced,
  • Willingness to participate in substudies,
  • Recruitment,
  • Methods used to promote clinical trial participation,
  • How participants are kept in follow-up,
  • Engagement with the community,
  • Consumer feedback.

Contact AGITG with any questions regarding the application or assessment criteria. Enquire about the Award.


2021 Recipient: Western Health

The 2021 Outstanding Site Award was presented to Western Health on Friday 15 October 2021, during the AGITG ASM. Cancer Research Manager at Western Health, Heike Raunow accepted to award on behalf of the team.

Western Health receives the award for their dedication to AGITG trials as the highest recruiting site for the DYNAMIC-III colon cancer trial and second highest recruiting site for the DYNAMIC-Rectal study. They currently have more than 121 participants in AGITG studies.

2020 Recipient: Monash Medical Centre

At the 2020 AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting held virtually on 28 August, Dr Lorraine Chantrill awarded the Outstanding Site Award to Monash Medical Centre. Karen Gillett, Unit Manager at Monash Medical Centre, accepted the Award on behalf of the team. 

Dr Lorraine Chantrill, Chair of the AGITG, says, “The dedication of the staff at Monash Health to giving GI cancer patients the option of a clinical trial means that their patients have the opportunity to directly participate in GI cancer research.”

2019 Recipient: Calvary Mater Newcastle

Naomi Knoblauch received the AGITG Outstanding Site Award on behalf of Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital. 

To learn about the 2019 Award presented to Calvary Mater Newcastle in NSW click here.