Excellence in AGITG Site Performance

Sites participating in clinical trials play a crucial role in their conduct and delivery. We rely on the expertise, patient engagement and commitment of the site staff to promote our research and recruit effectively, so that we improve outcomes for patients with GI cancer.

The Excellence in AGITG Site Performance Awards recognise clinical trial sites that have shown exceptional enthusiasm, performance and dedication to conducting AGITG trials.

There are two categories for the Awards:

  • Metropolitan
  • Regional, Rural and Remote (RRR)

All clinical trial sites actively involved in AGITG Studies are encouraged to apply.

Award recipients will receive two complimentary registrations to attend the next AGITG ASM, recognition of achievement on the AGITG website and member newsletter, and kudos from within the AGITG Network.

Assessment Criteria

Sites will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Level of enthusiasm across the whole team
  2. Willingness to participate in a wide range of AGITG studies
  3. Quality of the work produced
  4. Willingness to participate in substudies
  5. Site recruitment
  6. Strategies employed to promote diverse clinical trial participation, including engaging patients from vulnerable populations and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  7. Current and future strategies to utilise Teletrials
  8. Participant follow-up and drop-out rates (including strategies to improve overall participant retention)
  9. Engagement with the community
  10. Consumer feedback

The successful sites will be announced at the 2024 AGITG ASM.

Closing date 

Submissions will close on Monday 9 September 2024, 9:00am AEST.

For any questions about the Award, please contact agitg@gicancer.org.au.