Photo of Kate Hunter in a graphic.

TOPGEAR coordinator Kate Hunter awarded 2023 Christine Aiken Memorial Award


Congratulations to Kate Hunter for winning the 2023 Christine Aiken Memorial Award for Excellence in Study Coordination.

Since joining the TOPGEAR project in November 2016, Kate has been a driving force behind its success. Her role primarily involved direct patient recruitment and consistent follow-up.

“Kate’s dedication to the trial is remarkable,” said Prof Trevor Leong.

“A challenging aspect of the TOPGEAR study has been obtaining surgical reports. After numerous attempts across several years, undeterred by unanswered emails, Kate suggested an alternative method in order to complete surgical data which included sourcing and deidentifying participant records and surgical notes for external review, finally resolving the issue.”

Over the years, she has facilitated the recruitment and follow-up of 24 patients, with ongoing support for at least 10 more. Notably, the Peter Mac Moorabbin/Monash site, where Kate works, achieved the highest recruitment numbers globally, with a total of 54 patients.

Impressively, all patients under Kate’s care have remained on the study until completion, with 14 patients currently in the follow-up phase.

“I would like to thank the AGITG for this award,” she said.

“I’m deeply honoured to receive this award and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the TOPGEAR study. I couldn’t have achieved this without the incredible support of Professor Trevor Leong and Associate Professor Andrew Strickland who have made working on this trial so easy and rewarding.

“Thanks must also go to Evonne Tim at the NHMRC CTC for her patience and encouragement, but most importantly, I’d like to thank all our TOPGEAR patients, most of whom I have had the privilege to get to know and who are the reason I love what I do.”


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