St John of God Subiaco Hospital wins Outstanding Metropolitan Site Award

Congratulations to the St John of God Subiaco Hospital (SJOGSH) in Western Australia for being the metropolitan site presented with the 2023 AGITG Outstanding Site Award.

We would like to congratulate Dr Dean, Dr Clay, Dr Van Hagan, all the nurses in the IVY suite and everyone at SJOGSH clinical trials for all their incredible hard work that led to this award. Dr Dean received the award on behalf of the site team in Christchurch this week.

In particular, the presentation of this award recognises the work that the SJOGSH has dedicated to provide patients with a more inclusive, culturally sensitive and patient-centric experience. For example, the usage of interpreter services in important conversations has now increased to 76%, compared with 33% in 2021.

SJOGSH is actively involved with the AGITG and is a recruiting site for three current trials – ASCEND, iLSTA, and INTEGRATE IIb. Notably, for the ASCEND study, the team at St John of God Subiaco Hospital has surpassed their target recruitment by 625% – no doubt a testament to their dedication to patient care. Survival rates in Western Australia for certain cancers are among the best in the world. A study published in the Lancet in 2019 reported that WA outperformed 18 other jurisdictions across seven high-income countries in 5 year survival for ovarian, colon, pancreatic and stomach cancers. A recent study conducted by Dr Alice Talbot et al. published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology this year reported that the overall survival for patients with pancreatic cancer between April 2008 and October 2021 for SJOGSH was 26 months, which is a significant prolonged survival compared with the numbers reported globally.

We spoke to Dr McSweeney the clinical trials registrar in SJOG Subiaco. “Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a devastating, life changing event for people,” said Dr McSweeney.

“We endeavour to treat our patients in a holistic manner, not only focusing on the physical symptoms. We are truly grateful that the AGITG recognises our efforts and philosophy to cancer care.

“The results speak for themselves. It is our experience as a site that if patients feel supported and listened to, they tend to remain on study and are happy to be followed up as per protocol.”

In the near future, the team plans to focus on implementing even greater inclusivity measures, including implementing Auslan awareness training and continuing to advocate for translated resources.

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