Photograph of A/Prof Andrew Dean with the award.

Member Fundraiser of the Year Award presented to A/Prof Andrew Dean


This year, the AGITG Member Fundraiser of the Year award was presented to Associate Professor Andrew Dean.

The 2023 award was presented on behalf of A/Prof Dean’s patient, Chris Reichstein. Chris was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2015 and came to know of the AGITG’s research through A/Prof Dean’s practice, and very generously donated to the AGITG.

Chris lived with the disease for six years until his passing in 2021.

A/Prof Dean accepted the award in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, and gave a few short remarks about Chris.

“As Chris’ condition became more advanced, he decided to turn to his philanthropy, setting up funds and increasing health awareness amongst rural and remote Australians,” said A/Prof Dean.

A pillar of Esperance, Western Australia, Chris’ legacy is one of nurture and community. He worked as a farmer and had a passion for philanthropy.



Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer worldwide, with an estimated 2,576 Australians receiving the diagnosis this year. Chris’ generous gift of $300,000 will be put towards stomach cancer research, with the aim of improving outcomes and quality of life for people with stomach cancer.

Chris’ story shows the importance of engaging with patients. Members may connect them to the GI Cancer Institute and make an impact – not just for donations, but to offer them support, too.

“I would like to accept this award on behalf of Chris Reichstein,” said A/Prof Dean.

“He believed in the importance of the AGITG’s role in finding new, innovative therapies.

“Thank you to the Mount Burdett Foundation, and thank you to the AGITG.”


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