Gastric cancer remains a significant global public health problem. Although in developed countries its incidence has dramatically decreased, on a worldwide scale it is still a leading cause of cancer related deaths. Surgery is the only potentially curative treatment for gastric cancer.

Since the publication of the INT0116, MAGIC and CRITICS trials, the role of radiotherapy in the treatment of gastric cancer has become uncertain  The important question that needs to be addressed is whether chemoradiotherapy is superior to chemotherapy alone in the neoadjuvant treatment of resectable gastric cancer.

TOPGEAR is a multicentre, prospective, randomised, stratified, phase II/III clinical trial. Eligible participants will be randomly allocated to either preoperative chemotherapy or preoperative chemoradiotherapy. The trial has been conducted in two parts. Part 1 was the phase II component of the trial that recruited 120 participants, while Part II is the phase III component that recruited a further 450 participants to provide a total sample size of 570 patients.

Study Chair

Prof Trevor Leong
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

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