Systemic treatment is the standard of care (SOC) for most patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC), and although chemotherapy can improve survival, it is never curative. The oligometastatic state is a distinct clinical scenario where a cancer has spread beyond the site of the primary tumour but there are only a limited number of metastatic deposits. The reported long-term survival after surgical resection of CRC liver-only oligometastatic disease (OMD) suggests that metastases-directed local ablative therapies (LAT) can be curative in some patients with OMD.

For the majority of mCRC patients with unresectable OMD, advances in systemic therapies and non-surgical ablative approaches (e.g. stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy) which can effectively ablate localised metastases, have created a novel therapeutic opportunity to achieve sustained disease control or even cure.

RESOLUTE aims to assess the clinical benefit of local ablative therapy (LAT) following initial standard first-line systemic treatment, compared to continued standard first-line systemic treatment in patients with unresectable oligometastatic colorectal cancer (CRC).


Prof Jeanne Tie
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre



Wednesday, 15 November

Session 3: Colorectal Cancer (Advanced)

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